JAPAN | Worker exposed deception / Whistleblower informed JCP of Kyushu Electric’s plans

Posted on July 9, 2011



FUKUOKA–An employee of a Kyushu Electric Power Co. subsidiary blew the whistle on a recent deception in which the utility ordered employees of its offices and subsidiaries to send e-mails supporting the restart of two nuclear reactors to a meeting for local residents, the Japanese Communist Party said.

According to the JCP Fukuoka Prefectural Committee, the male employee visited a JCP office in the prefecture on June 25, the day before the explanatory meeting took place. He is quoted as saying his company instructed him to pretend to be a local resident and send an e-mail in favor of restarting the reactors. The employee submitted to the JCP office a document sent by his company asking employees to send e-mails.

The whistleblower talked about the matter with a friend, who then introduced him to the JCP office, after telling himself that such an action went against compliance and would not do his company any good.

The meeting for the local residents was arranged by the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry to brief them on issues related to reactivating the Nos. 2 and 3 reactors of the Genkai nuclear power plant in Genkaicho, Saga Prefecture.

The meeting was aired on local cable TV.

A section chief-level employee in Kyushu Electric’s nuclear power generation department sent an e-mail on June 22 to one employee at each of its four subsidiaries and the utility’s three branch offices to encourage employees to send online comments.

The JCP later relayed the matter to assembly members of Saga and Kagoshima prefectures, which host Kyushu Electric’s nuclear power plants. Based on information provided by the employee, Akira Kasai, a House of Representatives member of the JCP, posed questions regarding the allegations during an intensive deliberation of the lower house Budget Committee on Wednesday.

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