JAPAN | Saga governor welcomes govt stress test plan

Posted on July 11, 2011


JAPAN | NHK | 11 July 2011

The governor of Saga Prefecture has welcomed the government’s announcement, although he has yet to give approval for restarting two reactors at the Genkai nuclear power plant in southwestern Japan.

In his statement released on Monday, Saga governor Yasushi Furukawa wrote that the central government appears to have unified its stance on restarting the reactors after some confusion.

He also indicated that the government should clearly explain to communities hosting nuclear power stations the precise contents of the stress tests and specific procedures.

The statement also called on the central government to fully disclose the test findings, adding that this will help people feel more secure about nuclear power plants.

Later in the day, Furukawa told NHK in Akita City, northern Japan, that he will wait to see the government’s detailed procedures for the tests. He added the government should have announced the plan much earlier, although he agrees with the importance of the safety tests.

Furukawa was in Akita to attend a meeting of prefectural governors.

In late June, the mayor of Genkai Town, where the plant is located, had to retract his approval to restart the two reactors after the Prime Minister announced plans to carry out stress tests. The government had previously determined that the plant was safe.

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