USA | Japan Govt Edano: PM Didn’t Say Japan Will Phase Out Nuclear Energy

Posted on July 13, 2011



TOKYO (Dow Jones)–Japan’s top government spokesman said Thursday that remarks by Prime Minister Naoto Kan yesterday did not indicate that Japan would eliminate the use of nuclear energy.

Instead Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano described Kan’s comments as “a hope for the distant future,” not long-term government policy.

“While calling it Kan’s dream may not be quite the right word, the separation is clear between short-term policy discussions, mid-term issues that need to be addressed and longer term topics,” said Edano, indicating that Japan is looking to reduce its dependency on nuclear power, not put an end to it.

Edano’s comment put a different spin on Kan’s statement Wednesday evening, in which he seemed to imply that the nation would eventually phase out nuclear energy. “In the future, we should realize a society that can carry on without nuclear reactors,” Kan said Wednesday.

Edano said that Kan’s announcement will not change government policy of putting nuclear reactors back on line once safety has been assured.

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