JAPAN | Kyushu Electric delays restart of Sendai reactor

Posted on July 14, 2011


JAPAN | NHK | 14 July 2011

Kyushu Electric Power Company on Thursday announced the postponement of the restart of operations of the Number One nuclear reactor at its Sendai plant in the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima, citing local opposition.

The reactor was initially scheduled to resume operations in late July.

A regular checkup on the reactor began in May and has been completed.

The utility cited as another reason a lack of a timetable for the central government’s plan to carry out additional safety assessments called “stress tests” on nuclear plants.

The mayor of Satsumasendai City, where the plant is located, says one condition for the restart would be the restart of operations at the Genkai nuclear power plant in Saga Prefecture.

Kagoshima Governor Yuichiro Ito has demanded the central government hold a briefing on the issue for local residents.

The Number 2 reactor at the Sendai plant is also scheduled to stop operations for regular checks in September.

Analysts say electric power supplies for the Kyushu region in the southwestern part of Japan could be affected when consumption peaks in the summer.

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