JAPAN | Kansai Electric to shut down reactor

Posted on July 16, 2011


JAPAN | NHK | 16 July 2011

Kansai Electric Power Company says it will temporarily shut down a reactor at its nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture due to trouble in an emergency cooling system. The reactor is one of 19 currently operating in Japan.

Kansai Electric said pressure dropped inside a tank in a system that injects water into a reactor in the event of an emergency at around 11PM on Friday at the Ohi nuclear plant.

This made it impossible to inject water properly into the No.1 reactor.

The company said it will manually shut down the reactor to look into the cause of the problem, although pressure returned to normal in about one hour.

The utility plans to suspend the reactor’s operation at around 9 PM on Saturday.

It says the trouble caused no leak of radioactive substances to the outside.

Kansai Electric has 11 nuclear reactors, of which 4 are now offline due to regular inspections. 2 more reactors will start undergoing regular inspections next week.

The firm says stoppage of the No.1 reactor would make this summer’s limited power situation even tighter.

Kansai Electric says it will try to generate more electricity as well as asking its customers and the public to lower demand for power by around 15 percent.

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