JAPAN | Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga campaigns against nuclear power

Posted on August 2, 2011


JAPAN | JAPAN TODAY | 2 August 2011

Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga, 66, attended a mothers’ peace conference in Hiroshima this week, at which she urged Japan’s leaders to abandon nuclear power plants in a country that is so prone to earthquakes. In a statement to media, Yoshinaga said: “People often talk about using nuclear power in a peaceful or harmonious way, but to me that sounds like a vague platitude.”

Looking at Japan’s nuclear future, Yoshinaga said, “I’ve heard work is progressing on a prototype of a truly terrifying technology called a fast-breeder reactor. We don’t even know enough about running normal nuclear power plants yet. We should be learning that first.” She then recited several poems for attendees from the Tohoku region.

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