JAPAN | Court injunction sought against reactor restarts

Posted on August 2, 2011


JAPAN | NHK | 2 August 2011

People living near 7 nuclear reactors in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, have sought a court injunction against restarting them. The reactors are currently offline for scheduled maintenance.

Some 170 people, including residents of neighboring Shiga Prefecture, oppose the restart of 7 reactors at 3 nuclear power stations due to safety concerns.

They filed their petition with the Otsu District court in Shiga Prefecture on Tuesday.

In the petition, they argue that the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant has revealed flaws in the government’s safety guidelines for nuclear power stations.

They express concern about the possible radioactive contamination of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture if another nuclear accident occurs. Japan’s largest lake supplies drinking water for the Kansai region.

The petition argues that the reactors should not be restarted until the government sets new safety guidelines and carries out checks based on these guidelines to ensure that the reactors can be operated safely.

Kansai Electric Power Company, which operates the 7 reactors, has declined to comment, saying it has not read the petition.

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