JAPAN | Govt to conduct comprehensive radiation monitoring

Posted on August 2, 2011


JAPAN | NHK | 2 August 2011

Japan’s government has decided to start comprehensive radiation monitoring this year by coordinating organizations that have been checking radiation levels since the Fukushima nuclear accident in March.

The government decided on the plan on Tuesday in response to criticism about difficulty in referring to results of such checks by various ministries, agencies, prefectural governments and utilities.

The plan divides monitoring activities into 6 fields including air, water, farm soil and grass, and food.

Organizations are to be in charge of monitoring and analyzing results in each field and proposing concrete measures.

The government is to set up about 250 monitoring points across the country and draw up maps showing radiation levels at children’s facilities, such as schools and public libraries.

The science ministry is expected to set up a website to provide such data by mid-August.

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