Indie | Today’s Nuclear Safety Commission Meeting Has a Noisy Audience

Posted on August 10, 2011


 Indie | EX-SKF | 10 August 2011

(Update) It’s unreal. The commission members continue the meeting, totally ignoring the questions from the audience who want Tomari Nuke Plant stopped and inspected properly. At one point, the commission head, Haruki “Detarame” Madarame declared the meeting over.


It looks like something very unusual is happening. There are a lot of people attending the Nuclear Safety Commission’s meeting on August 11 which is open to public, and they are shouting at the commissioners.

The NSC is discussing the nuclear power plant maintenance schedule. Why is it an issue that attract so many people? It’s because of one nuclear power plant in Hokkaido that has been “testing” the reactor for over 5 months after the regular maintenance was over.

Even though the “testing” is done on a full, commercial scale, Hokkaido Electric Power who owns the plant, Tomari Nuclear Power Plant, is calling it “testing” so that they can continue to generate power without going through the so-called “stress test”.

The NSC meeting today is supposed to endorse the re-start of “commercial” operation of the reactor without the stress test, and that’s what people who fill the room are upset about.

But shouting down the commissioners? And apparently the commissioners don’t even try to rein in the crowd, as one reporter tweets “guilty conscience, maybe?”

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