JAPAN | Fukushima to create nuclear-free society through reconstruction

Posted on August 11, 2011


JAPAN | MAINICHI | 11 August 2011

FUKUSHIMA (Kyodo) — Fukushima Prefecture on Thursday adopted a policy to make the creation of a nuclear-free society the centerpiece of its 10-year project to rebuild in the wake of the disaster at a local nuclear power plant crippled by the March earthquake and tsunami.

The northeastern prefecture’s decision made it the first local authority in Japan among those hosting nuclear power facilities to turn against nuclear energy.

The specifics for the reconstruction project based on the new policy will be worked out later this year.

The policy, called ”vision for reconstruction,” calls for an environmental endeavor aimed at creating a society that can achieve sustainable development in safety without relying on nuclear power.

The vision also points out the paradox of Fukushima bearing the brunt of the on-going nuclear crisis because it is home to large nuclear complexes that supply energy to outside the prefecture.

Fukushima made the vision official after releasing a draft last month and getting feedback from local residents and municipalities.

As a result, a provision was added to the draft to press the national government to immediately set official safety standards against radiation.

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