Indie | Just Burn Radioactive Materials Then They’re Harmless, said One Japanese Economist

Posted on August 13, 2011


Indie | EX-SKF | 13 August 2011

If that’s true, the entire Fukushima I Nuke Plant can blow up in a huge bonfire and we’ll be all set.

Nobuo Ikeda is a Japanese economist and commentator and a former NHK director. He has a sizeable following in Japan and is considered influential. I am just parroting what I’ve found about him, as all I know of him is the tweet he wrote and disseminated to his 120,000-plus followers from his Twitter account on August 13 (which has been taken down since), in which he, commenting on the decision by Kyoto City not to use the radioactive firewood from Rikuzen Takata City, apparently said:


Doesn’t the Kyoto City government know that radioactive materials will be dissolved and rendered harmless once they get burned?

I sure didn’t.

Mr. Ikeda also says it’s a superstition that low-level radiation exposure causes cancer, according to his tweet on August 12 (in Japanese), and that the “anti-nuke” movement is nothing but a powerless conspiracy among the left and the ultra-left, former radical left from the 1960s.


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