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AFRICA | Japan eyes global nuclear compensation treaty – report

August 14, 2011


AFRICA | REUTERS AFRICA | 14 August 2011 TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan is considering joining a U.S.-led global nuclear compensation treaty in a bid to fend off excessive overseas damage claims related to nuclear accidents, the Nikkei newspaper reported on Sunday, without citing sources. The U.S., Morocco, Romania and Argentina have agreed to the Convention on […]

AFRICA | Japan may scrap fast-breeder reactor -Kyodo

July 15, 2011


AFRICA | REUTERS | 15 July 2011 TOKYO, July 15 (Reuters) – The Japanese government is considering suspending development of a prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor called Monju, Science Minister Yoshiaki Takaki was quoted as saying on Friday. Prime Minister Naoto Kan said on Wednesday that the Fukushima nuclear crisis had convinced him Japan should wean itself […]

AFRICA | Analysis – Summer to test Japan resolve over nuclear power

July 8, 2011


AFRICA | REUTERS | Fri Jul 8, 2011 3:32am GMT TOKYO (Reuters) – Two months of baking heat will test Japan’s resolve to wean itself off nuclear power and show whether an energy-saving drive set off by meltdowns at the Fukushima plant will bring lasting efficiency gains the way the 1970s oil crisis did. There are some […]

AFRICA | Fukushima residents dump radiated soil in absence of plan

July 5, 2011


AFRICA | REUTERS | Tue Jul 5, 2011 1:33am GMT FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) – They scoop up soil from their gardens and dump it in holes dug out in parks and nearby forests, scrub their roofs with soap and refuse to let their children play outside. More than three months after a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered […]

AFRICA | Japan plans to move pregnant women from far-flung radiation hotspots

June 16, 2011


AFRICA | REUTERS | Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:52am GMT TOKYO, June 16 (Reuters) – Japan plans to ask pregnant women and children to move away from radiation “hotspots” that were found far away from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the government said on Thursday, reflecting new anxieties about the spread of radioactivity. The government will not, […]

AFRICA | Italians say no to nuclear energy in referendum

June 13, 2011


S. AFRICA | REUTERS | Mon Jun 13, 2011 4:14pm GMT  * Referendum will block atomic power for decades * Major impact from Fukushima * Follows German policy change on nuclear energy ROME, June 13 (Reuters) – Italians looked set to ban nuclear energy for decades on Monday in a referendum that was strongly influenced […]

AFRICA | Japan safety agency: roof cracked at Fukushima No 4 reactor

March 16, 2011


AFRICA | REUTERS | 16 March 2011 TOKYO, March 16 (Reuters) – Two workers are missing after Tuesday’s explosion at one of the reactors at a crippled Japanese nuclear plant, the country’s nuclear saftey agency said. The agency did not identify the missing workers, but said they were in the turbine area of the No.4 reactor […]